Quadcopter information, market, possibilities, and more about the drones of the future

Quadcopters or more often called drones (although this term does not precisely define particular types of “drones”), are relatively new in the RC market and a strong competitor to other remote-controlled flying objects, such as RC helicopters.

On this article we discuss topics around Quadcopters but we do not intend to review any quadcopter in particular. Great information about Quadcopter accessories such as gimbals and high quality quadcopters for GoPro are available here if you wish to buy one.

The market

Because as mentioned before quadcopters do not belong to the history of RC for veterans, nevertheless there are a lot of high-quality products which can be found all over the internet (check the link above for a fine selection). Drone companies like DJI and MikroKopter engaged for several years in successfully building drones, they can be considered pioneers in this niche. But also less well-known manufacturers such as Parrot, Gaui or Walkera offer great quadcopters in the field of air drones for every flight enthusiast. I consider that the less known brands looked up on the Phantom models from DJI and pretty much came with improved versions. That is why at this moment I recommend you to go with the less known brands like Walkera and XproHeli in particular.

Quadcopter companies have a product for each category, different quality, and price levels. The price range can go from a few hundred dollars to even a couple of thousand dollars for a professional one.

The possibilities with Quadcopter | Drones

There are countless possibilities that the Quadcopter brings with it. In advance to name a few, would be the long range because most quadcopters come with a low weight and the possibility to place a camera like the GoPro Hero, to take nice photos or videos from the air. Also some models offer the option for GPS tracking and a return-home function that is especially a plus for the safety of the operator and the quadcopter itself because as you may know remotes can be quite often unreliable. You will see that most drones that are more expensive also have the most robust design because high-quality materials are used. Further, the number of rotors is also a way of having bigger capacity capabilities because with more rotors naturally a higher weight can be carried.

The future

The subject area of multicopters is still in the phase of establishment. However, it is to be noted that the number of applications will further rise with versatility, practicality and of course quality in the mind of every manufacturer. GoPro announced that we should expect to see a GoPro quadcopter or drone very soon. Like they use to make lots of accessories for their cameras to improve the overall experience now we see the regular customer demanding a piece of hardware that was in the past available only to professional film makers and maybe Hollywood producers. I think that once the GoPro drone will come out a lot of doors will begin to open for this niche. And by this I mean the competition will become fiercer and things like build quality, range of the remote and lots of other now frustrating details that are very pregnant on most of the drones will easily become a thing of the past. Like what happened in the smartphone industry. It began with a crappy IPhone with a pretty bad screen and camera and a plasticky body but it doesn’t really matter if you look at the evolution because now we have some amazing pieces that evolved from that crappy first try. We are still in the phase of seeing how things develop in this area and so far it seems that things come out pretty well, so a look into the future seems to be very rosy for the drone industry. My advice for people that don’t like what they see on the market at the moment is: Wait for it! I think you will be amazed what the manufacturers will come up with in the following years or maybe just months.


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